some people love to shop

some people hate it.

this one is for Johnny.

for Johnny
who needs pants

may you be strong and may you have courage
may you breathe twice, respond once;
may you have exactly the right response
to every sales clerk
and every passer-by.

May you sing out yes
when they hips and the waist
nip and tuck to show you off
exactly the way you wanted
may you be pleasantly surprised
at least three times
and laugh easily
when you could cry easily
but not because you are faking it
–may you never fake it;
may the subterfuge be a game and a pleasure,
a wink and a nod,
a kiss and tell the whole story
because it’s too good to leave out the details.

May you shine as exactly who you are
may you love who you see in the mirror
exactly who
exactly right
with the right pants.