It’s about beauty.I was put on this planet to midwife beauty into the world: I help beauty get here in all the messy, crazy, absurd ways that it arrives; I can see it from the time it’s a speck on the horizon; I welcome it with open arms and sometimes a smack to get it going.

I midwife beauty. Your beauty. Your sexy, juicy, inviting unbelievable joyful beauty–because we need you here. This planet is all about giving everything on it a chance to shine. And it is so hard to get people to shine that sometimes the only way to call it out of us is to NEED it out of us. So this world needs it out of us.  We foolish humans think we’re doing someone a favor by not claiming our brilliance and we could not be more wrong.

This planet and everything on it needs you–you in your unfettered, fluid, laughing, crying, dancing, daily-lovemaking-up-against-the-wall self.

And I can see it in you. Even when you can’t imagine it, I can see the world with you and all your pleasure in it.

My passion is to help you be fully in pleasure and fully here–if that’s what you want.

If you want it, I will help you see it.

If you want it, I will help you get ready for it.

You can stop feeling dead inside.  That is my work in the world.

In addition to my work here, I serve on the advisory board for Scarleteen.  My fabulous new project is serving on the editorial board of Salacious, a queer feminist sex magazine launching in January, 2011 run by the incomparable artist, designer, and activist Katie Diamond.

My training is vast and varied: I have in my lifetime made bread, made furniture, done computer technical support, gone to college, gone to seminary, and worked for churches as minister and as laity. I’ve studied coaching, preaching, counseling, education, and traditional forms of Basque dance. I’ve lived on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, in the Upper Midwest, and in the capital city of Canada; and now I have friends in all of those places.