Big Bang!

You know those moments when you can’t think, can’t breathe, can barely move because You Are Having A Crisis!!!!!! and your brain is doing donuts in the parking lot of your life?

You know how DESPERATE you are to get out of that parking lot and onto the highway?

You know how it would be fine to just maybe get out of the parking lot and onto the small one lane roads?  Or into the alley even?  (That’s laneway for folks who stuck with the Empire longer than we did).  Because YOU REALLY NEED TO GET STUFF DONE!

And you note that it is the very same part of your brain shouting about getting stuff done and having a crisis.  Which makes it hard to get stuff done.

Right.  Well, I’m here for you.  Because I’ve been there–and back.  I’ve spun myself into a total frenzy and lost track of everything else…and then gotten focused and gotten out.  And you can too.

I came across Leela’s Crisis Conversion Kit, and it couldn’t have been at a better time. Life had decided to give me an extra two helpings of stuff-to-deal-with, and I was completely overwhelmed. Leela’s kit helped me break down my crisis into bite sized chunks so I could get through it and move on with the rest of my life. – Andy A. from Colorado

With the Big Bang Crisis Conversion Kit, you are going to turn that Titanic around and make that crisis into a kickstart for creative change…at a launch price WAY below the final price.

How?  Well….

That would be telling.

But it involves my encouraging yet soothing voice, some meditations, and unpacking a whole bunch of stuff that used to be useful (or is related to stuff that is useful) but is now just taking up space.  You will write things down and you will take breaks.  Plenty of breaks.  And you will figure out where exactly you are wanting to end up, because it’s a hell of a lot easier to get there if you know (at least sort of) where you are going.

There’s a lot in here.  Cynthia said:

I honestly thought I could do it in a long evening, and it’s much more involved than that . . .

much more.  This isn’t surface change, this is deep change.  If you give it a chunk of time every day, you might get through it in a week.



You will do all of this in nice, bite-sized chunks. No overwhelm, I promise.  No new crises within the old crises (because how helpful would that be?  Not at all.)  And I will talk you through it every step of the way.

There are audio files and a guidebook to help you figure out which end is up.  There’s humor, there’s meditation, there’s writing; there might also be drawings.  And crayons.  Or not.  Cynthia:

I had an aha moment when you said the person who has your name has power over you.  that was so interesting.

Simone says, “This is great stuff!”  That’s the glamorous @SimoneBernhard on Twitter, proprietress of Chapeaux by Simone.  She writes plurals!  In French!  What could be better?

Here’s where you click the button.  Then my people talk to your people and you get an email with the download information.  It’s that simple.

Big Bang Crisis Conversion Kit: $94

You get the audio class, and the workbook to go along with it, full of worksheets to help you make the process smooth.  And they come as downloads which means (a) instant gratification and (b) you can use them over and over, just print a fresh copy each time.

Know you need extra support–more than a couple of emails? When you buy this you can get a single coaching session with me–to schedule at your discretion. This is the only way to get a single session with me–monthly fees usually start at $500; this single session is $100.

Single coaching session plus Big Bang Crisis Conversion Kit:

launch price: $147

no longer available.  Contact me if you’d like to discuss options for coaching with the Big Bang Kit.

But feel free to email me with questions, even without the coaching.

have questions? I have answers!  (probably.)  (maybe I will answer with questions.)  (you have been warned.)  Use the form below.

Looking forward to hearing from you!