hear from me

Hi!  Thinking about getting my emails?  Here’s the scoop:

When I write to you, I write like I’m writing to a friend.  Sometimes I write about sex, sometimes I write about relationships, sometimes I write about work or seasons or the environment.  Sometimes I write in metaphor or story, sometimes I give it to you straight up.

My readers have called it inspiring, life-changing, interesting, fun, real, and intimate.  I usually write about every 10 days or so, sometimes once a week, sometimes it will be a couple of weeks.  I’d rather wait to have something to say than email you just because it’s Monday at 2 PM, SEO and marketing be damned.

It’s not really about marketing, at least not the way people usually think of it.  It’s so you can have something interesting or spicy or sweet in your day–an amuse-bouche for your inbox–and get to know me.

I’ll write an essay or link to one on my website; I’ll send along links that I like, stories that are related, ideas that intrigue me.  I’ll ask your opinion sometimes and give you mine.  And when I have a special offer or a new class or a coaching opening, I’ll let you know.

If you like me and you want to change something important in your life, yes.  Call me.  Hire me.  We can do amazing work.   If you don’t want to call me, that’s fine too.  Get the email and just read it.  If that’s all you need, that’s all I want you to do.  Really.

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