individual coaching

You know that thing you’ve been meaning to get around to?

Whether it’s cleaning the garage, taking voice lessons, asking your father to stop calling you summybunchkins in public, or figuring out if you’re really more kinky than your mother wants to know, this is the place, and coaching is the thing.

You get unstuck, figure out what really matters to you, and create a plan that will get you the end result you want.

I love doing this. I’m a little bit pushy, a little bit empathetic, a little bit mischievous, a lot no-nonsense, and a whole lot about getting you to your goals. You’re responsible for showing up, being real, and doing your homework between sessions. I’m responsible for helping you figure out what your next move is, if you’re going to have the life of your dreams. Coaching is one of my favorite things to do in the world, so you get my full attention and if you follow through, you get results.

I have programs, or I can work with you to custom-create the coaching you need. You will change. You will grow. Possibly more than you can imagine, and in ways you never dreamed.

Coaching needs a good fit, so here’s how it works: you send me an email via this form and we set up a phone consultation.  We chat, probably for about half an hour, and then we decide if we want to work together.