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NEW! Big Bang Crisis Conversion Kit

Turning stress and pressure into beauty and creativity.

When you’re under so much stress that you can’t think…

then you can’t think.  You can’t get anything done.  You certainly can’t get yourself out of the mess you’re in.  Which causes more panic.  Which makes things worse.

This kit walks you through a unique combination of introspection, imagination, and analysis to help you get from spinning in circles to striding forward.  By the end you’ll have a plan, concrete next steps, and a lot of information about what’s going on and how to make the choices that support your values and your life.

Half price launch sale until January!  Don’t miss it!

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Love your language!

Ever have trouble asking for what you want in bed?  Ever notice that half the problem is language?  Either you go clinical or you go profane.  Where’s the alternative?  Right here.  We’ll Join me for a free class on finding the words you need to ask for what you want. Only 20 slots available!

Wednesday, November 10 at 5 PM Eastern.


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Fantasy to Fiction

Inspired by all those aspiring novelists on Twitter talking about their 1600 word days with #nanowrimo tags?

Or maybe inspired is the wrong word.  Confused? Overwhelmed? Convinced you will NEVER be able to write anything except grocery lists?

You can believe that if it makes you happy. No?

Then go ahead and write something.

There are lots of good reasons to write a sexual fantasy: to share with someone, to enjoy all by yourself, to explore ideas in theory that you’re not ready to (or don’t have anyone to help you) try in practice…

So write them already. Fantasy to Fiction will give you a boost–it’s just you and me in my living room,making suggestions, talking about what helps writing work, and helping you figure out what to do next. But if you walk away in the middle to get coffee I won’t be offended, and if you decide you have a better idea halfway through, you don’t have to explain it to anyone.

I’m just getting you started: a 45 minute introduction to taking what’s in your head and getting it on the page.   Happy NaNoWriMo! (That’s national novel writing month, if you’re still lost. Those crazy people are trying to write a whole novel. This? Is a short story. A few pages. A piece of cake.)

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